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RuSource is our free rural information service, delivered as a weekly e-news bulletin, for anyone working in a rural context. It is produced by Alan Spedding, whose goal is to ‘Cut important issues down to the essentials and tell it straight’.

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This week's briefings (8th October 2015)

2268 Anderson's AgriBrief - September 2015

2269 The climate change threat to UK wildlife (NERC)

2270 Measuring efficiency in food systems (Sustainable Food Trust)

2271 Entomopathogenic fungi: the new green revolution? (Planet Earth Online)


1st October 2015

2263 Managing metaldehyde: how to meet stewardship requirements and reduce slugs - corrected version (Frontier Agriculture)

2264 Surviving low milk prices (AHDB Dairy)

2265 Precision Farming (Parliamentary PostNote)

2266 Intelligence-based arable improvement, Yattendon Estates (Agrii Agronomy)

2267 Changes in the dairy industry benefit cattle health and consumers (Science Daily)


24th September 2015

2259 Fly tipping (House of Commons briefing paper)

2260 Food waste (House of Commons briefing paper)

2261 England's National Parks (National Parks England)

2262 EU dairy and pig support package (Savills Landscope)

2263 Managing metaldehyde: how to meer stewardship requirements and reduce slugs (Frontier Agriculture)


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