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RuSource Briefings is a free rural information service for anyone working in the countryside or with rural people, and those supporting rural life. The briefings are produced by the editor, Alan Spedding, whose goal is to, "Cut important issues down to essentials and tell it straight", saving subscribers to the weekly e-news bulletin hours of time searching the internet for up-to-date, accurate & unbiased information. Alan also provides less frequent 'Easy Guides' to key areas of agriculture & land-based activity for the educated 'outsider'.


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This week's briefings (22nd January 2015)

2111 Bioscence and soils (RASE and GSCT Allerton Project)

2112 Diverse legumes and grass mixtures for forage production and grazing (Organic Producers' Conference)

2113 Benefits from regular compost use (WRAP)


15th January 2015

2108 Climate change: challenge or opportunity (Professor Lord Krebs, Oxford Farming Conference)

2109 Micro-hydro (SRUC)

2110 Nitrogen fertiliser: the fallen hero of agriculture (Sarah Shails, Plant Scientist blog)

Bob Baker's Thoughts from a northern mart, January 2015


8th January 2015

2105 Researching the sustainable intensification of agriculture (BBSRC)

2106 What gives British farmers the edge? (Anderson's Centre for the Oxford Farming Conference)

2107 Reducing GHG emissions from livestock (Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases)


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