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This week's briefings (26th May 2016)

2401 Pollinators and Pesticides (Tim Field, Agricology)

2402 Stakeholder engagement  (Mark Reed, UNiversity of Newcastle)

2403 Benefits of cover crops and root growth (Cereals Event 2016)

2404 Fresh Start Land Partnerships Service (Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre)

2405 FLOCKMAN: an on-farm flock management system for modern broiler growers (David Filmer, FLOCKMAN)

2406 In at the Deep End: How a young farmer came to culltivate the media (Malcolm Stansfield)


19th May 2016

2397 Public Rights of Way (Judy Pearson, Blonde AgAdvisor)

2398 Cuckoo (Peter Thompson, GWTC)

2399 The National Land Based College

2400 Cool Farm Tool (Cool Farm Alliance)

Bob Baker's thoughts from a Northern Mart (May 2016)


12th May 2016

2392 Hedgehogs (GWCT)

2393 Increasing marbling in beef without increasing overall fatness (Science Daily)

2394 Rural Services Network Economic Development Officers Meeting (Jessica Sellick, Rose Regeneration)

2395 Why we don't know if local food chains are more sustainable than global food chains (GLAMUR Project)

2396 Poor mobile and broadband connections and farming (NFU)


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