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RuSource Briefings is a free rural information service for anyone working in the countryside or with rural people, and those supporting rural life. The briefings are produced by the editor, Alan Spedding, whose goal is to, "Cut important issues down to essentials and tell it straight", saving subscribers to the weekly e-news bulletin hours of time searching the internet for up-to-date, accurate & unbiased information. Alan also provides less frequent 'Easy Guides' to key areas of agriculture & land-based activity for the educated 'outsider'.


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This week's briefings (28th August 2014)

2035 Sustainable pasture-based production (Robert Thornhill, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2036 Farm business diversification (Andrew Janaway, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Rport)

2037 Poor records cost farmers (Rural Payments Agency)


21st August 2014

2030 'Unfair' rural deal from government (Rural Services Network)

2031 Getting close to wildlife, seing the wood and intensive farm conservation (Rob Yorke)

2032 Care Farming (Natural England)

2033 Resilience is key to future farming (Friends of the Earth)

2034 Agri-technologies: what the public say (Sciencewise)

Bob Baker's htoughts from a northern mart, August


14th August 2014

2025 Rural Crime Survey (NFU Mutual)

2026 Safe handling of cattle (Health & Safety Executive, Northern Ireland)

2027 Plants have a memory of pests that spans generations (Ars Technica)

2028 Unmanned aerial vehicles: the basics (HGCA)

2029 Passenger transport in isolated communities (Local Government Information Unit)


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