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RuSource Briefings is a free rural information service for anyone working in the countryside or with rural people, and those supporting rural life. The briefings are produced by the editor, Alan Spedding, whose goal is to, "Cut important issues down to essentials and tell it straight", saving subscribers to the weekly e-news bulletin hours of time searching the internet for up-to-date, accurate & unbiased information. Alan also provides less frequent 'Easy Guides' to key areas of agriculture & land-based activity for the educated 'outsider'.


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This week's briefings (17th April 2014)

1958 Big data AgriChatUK 10th April 2014 (Simon Haley, Reading Agricultural Consultants)

1959 Integrated Pest Management Plan (The Voluntary Initiative)

1960 National Pollinator Strategy Consultation (Defra)

1961 How dairy co-ops grow and work together (Andrew Gow, Nuffield Ireland Scholarship)

Bob Baker's April thoughts from a northern mart

A National Delivery Framework for LEADER 2014-2020 (Defra)


10th April 2014

1954 "Landowning" AgriChatUK 27th March (Simon Haley, Reading Agricultural Consultants)

1955 A greying countryside (Centre for Rural Economy, Newcastle University)

1956 Strategy for bTB (Defra)

1957 Reducing farm regulation (Farming Regulation Task Force Group)


3rd April 2014

1950 Climate change 2103 - the science (IPCC)

1951 Andersons AgriBrief March 2014

1952 Get Mentoring

1953 Bioenergy and biofuels - an introduction (Terravesta)



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