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RuSource Briefings is a free rural information service for anyone working in the countryside or with rural people, and those supporting rural life. The briefings are produced by the editor, Alan Spedding, whose goal is to, "Cut important issues down to essentials and tell it straight", saving subscribers to the weekly e-news bulletin hours of time searching the internet for up-to-date, accurate & unbiased information. Alan also provides less frequent 'Easy Guides' to key areas of agriculture & land-based activity for the educated 'outsider'.


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This week's briefings (20th November 2014)

 2083 Managing beef and lamb production (Niall Armstrong, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2084 Are our rural economies really working? (Jessica Sellick, Rose Regeneration)

2085 Payment for ecosystems services - Visitor Giving schemes (VisitEngland)

2085 Diversity and resilience in agriculture (Graeme Willis, CPRE reporting the LEAF President's Event)

Bob Baker's Thoughts from a northern mart, November


13th November 2014

2078 Managing pollinators for crop production (LWEC)

2079 The real environmental impact of red meat (Chris Kresser)

2080 Sustainable milk production: the vital role of soil for feed integrity (Wil Armitage, Nuffield Farm Scholarship Report

2081 The climate debate: re-thinking rights, risks and responsibilities (LWEC)

2082 GM insects and disease control (Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology)


6th November 2014

2074 Anderson's AgriBrief - October 2014

2075 Improving the success and sustainability of grass-based livestock systems (Charlie Russell, Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust Report)

2076 Does the broiler industry need to change to feed and increasing population? (Claire Bragg, Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust Report)

2077 Is rural life so great outdoors? (Jessica Sellick, Rose Regeneration)


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