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RuSource is our free rural information service, delivered as a weekly e-news bulletin, for anyone working in a rural context. It is produced by Alan Spedding, whose goal is to ‘Cut important issues down to the essentials and tell it straight’.

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This week's briefings (20th April 2015)

2166 Do we need predator control? (Andrew Gilruth, GWTC)

2167 Breaking the silence on mental health (Jessica Sellick, Rose Regeneration for the Rural Services Network)

2168 Is Roundup causing cancer? (Jim Orson, NIAB)

2169 A potato made with gene editing (MIT Technical Review)


16th April 2015

2161 EU milk sector growth dependent on exports post quota (Promar International)

2162 Challenges and strategies for dairy farmers (Promar Intenational)

2163 Health (Defra)

2164 Crime (Defra)

2165 Effective research for biodiversity action (BIOMOT project)

Bob Baker's Thoughts from a northern mart, April 2015


9th April 2015

2156 Education and skills (Defra)

2157 Big Farmland Bird Count 2015 Results (GWTC)

2158 Building carbon in farm soils (Jonathan Smith, Farm Carbon Cutting website)

2158 The end of milk quotas - the end of small farmers (Irish Independent)

2160 What role for sustainable grazing livestock (Richard Young, Sustainable Food Trust)


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