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[RuSource is our free rural information service, delivered as a weekly e-news bulletin, for anyone working in a rural context. It is produced by Alan Spedding, whose goal is to ‘Cut important issues down to the essentials and tell it straight’.

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This week's briefings (20th October 2016)

2492 Alternatives to antibiotics in agriculture (Aled Rhys Davies, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2493 Addressing labour shortages in agriculture and horticulture (Laura Savage, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2494 Conservation 21: Natural England's Conservation Strategy for the 21st Century

2495 Farms turning to direct sales of raw milk (Artisan Food Law)

Bob Baker's thoughts from a Northern Mart, October


13th October 2016

2488 Rural Economic Bulletin for England, Oct 2106 (Defra)

2489 Passing down the family farm (Farming Accountants)

2490 EU trade negotiations: trade flows of livestock products (David Moorhouse, ADAS)

2491 The opportunities and challenges of open data for agriculture (Professor Ian Boyd, Defra Chief Scientist)


6th October 2016

2483 Breeding better beef and sheep (Neil McGowan, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2484 Rewilding and ecosystem services (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology)

2485 The implications of collecting data on farm (Jonathan Dyer, Nuffield Australia Scholarship Report)

2486 Natural Infrastructure Schemes (Green Alliance and National Trust)

2487 Does the family dairy farm have a future? (Trevor Alcorn, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)


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