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[RuSource is our free rural information service, delivered as a weekly e-news bulletin, for anyone working in a rural context. It is produced by Alan Spedding, whose goal is to ‘Cut important issues down to the essentials and tell it straight’.

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This week's briefings (22nd September 2016)

2474 Companion cropping (Andrew Howard, Nuffield Farming Scholarship)

2475 Rural vunerability - older people (Rural England CIC)

2476 Will the government's new industrial strategy benefit rural communities (Jessica Sellick, Rose Regeneration)

2477 Things to do and not to do to improve dairy business (Huw NcConochie, Wynnstay)


15th September 2016

2470 The immediate future of farm policy in Britain (Agricultural Christian Fellowship)

2471 Herbal leys (Ian Wilkinson, Cotswold Seeds for Agricology)

2472 Agricultural societies and shows (Aled Rhys Jones, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2473 Couch grass (CROPROTECT, Rothamsted Research)

Bob Baker's Thoughts from a Northern Mart, September


8th September 2016

2465 Anderson's AgriBrief - August 2016 - Brexit update

2466 Efficiency gains through improved beef genetics (Robert Fleming Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2467 How to make rural data count (Jessica Sellick, Rose Regeneration for the Rural Services Network)

2468 The unbalanced cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous: national scale forecasting (Living with Environmental Change project)

2469 Farmers and soils (Kate Speke-Adams, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)


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