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This week's briefings (24th November 2016)

2514 Building financial resilience in farming (Doug Wanstall, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report)

2515 21st Century Rural Development - learning from Scotland (Professor Mark Shucksmith, Newcastle University)

2516 The case for alternative protein sources for animal feed (William Stiles, IBERS, Aberystwyth University for Farming Connect)

2517 Sustainable intensification means increased efficiency through higher yields - right? (Adavanced Training Partnership for Farming Futures)


17th November 2016

2510 On Meat (Iltud Dunsford, Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust Report)

2511 What future for agri-business post Brexit? (Professor David Harvey, Northern Farming Conference)

2512 Saviour's Guide to Succession (Heather Wildman, Saviour Associates)

2513 Extensive Poultry Management (Institute of Organic Training and Advice)

Bob Baker's Notes from a Northern Mart, November


10th November

2505 Natural environments and mental health (Natural England)

2506 Farming 4.0: The future for agriculture (EurActiv.com)

2507 Brexit - an opportunity or risk for agri-environment schemes? (Chris Foster-Brown, ADAS)

2508 Lupins: an alternative source of protein fro animal feed (William Stiles, Aberystwyth University for Farming Connect)

2509 Counting Carbon: farm efficiency, and a future currency (Dave Styles, Bangor University for ATP Pasture)


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