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RuSource is our free rural information service, delivered as a weekly e-news bulletin, for anyone working in a rural context. It is produced by Alan Spedding, whose goal is to ‘Cut important issues down to the essentials and tell it straight’.

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This week's briefings (4th February 2016)

2329 Transgenic oilseed and omega-3 fatty acids for aquaculture (Richard Haslam, Rothamsted Research et al in "World Agriculture")

2330 Anderson's AgriBrief, Jan 2016 - farm business income and renewable energy

2331 Agrihive - a new approach to dairy's problems (Heather Wildman, Saviour Associates)

2332 80% of tied cottage occupiers could face tax on empty bedrooms (Charles Cowap, Harper Adams University)


28th January 2016

2325 Nature, biodiversity and human health: how strong is the evidence? (British Ecological Society)

2326 Agriculture: historical statistics (House of Commons Briefing paper)

2327 Impressions from the Oxford Farming Conference (John Henning, Danske Bank)

2328 Sustainable land tenure for the farmer and the next generation (Gail Lewis, Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust Report)


21st January 2016

2321 Winning the benefits of science- based innovation (Professor Sir John Marsh, World Agriculture)

2322 The most common species used in UK grass seed mixtures and their important characteristsics (Cotswold Seeds)

2323 Case Study - Barfoots of Botley (Julian Marks at the Oxford Farming Conference)

2324 2020 CAP or policy post Brexit - some proposals for discussion (Simon Ward, Increment Ltd and Inside Track)

Bob Baker's Thoughts from a Northern Mart


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