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Nurture & Discipleship in Rural Churches

Find Case Studies, Examples & Reflections here.Find all individual resources here.

What is most important in helping rural Christians to grow in their faith? Are there things that make rural Christian discipleship distinctive? On this page you will find reflections and examples of effective rural discipleship to help you.

Rural Discipleship

Have a look at our collection of examples and case studies of how rural discipleship is already being done well in various settings. Our collection features resources that you can adapt and re-use as needed.

Read Home Grown Discipleship, a short study on the practice of producing 'home-grown' discipleship material.

You may also wish to have a look at the findings, discussions and conclusions from our research on resourcing and training for the rural church; as well as our tips on what to think about when planning your training.

Two Important things to bear in mind:

(1) Discipleship, nurture & faith development are essentially communal activities. Living out our Christian faith takes place in two communal contexts, the local church and the local community. Learning and practice are most effective when done in community.

(2) Discipleship is ministry, and ministry is discipleship.Jesus’s disciples were like modern day apprentices. We learn best by putting our learning into practice!